Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The perfect storm

Tragedy. You never know how to feel about it.
When a person die, it's a tragedy.

When thousands die, it's a statistic.
Espcially when it's a natural disaster.
If it's war, at least you know the reason people die.
Politics, money, freedom, Hello Kitty's.
When it comes to earthquakes and tsunamis, what can we say?

Tough luck.

Life moves on for the remaining 60 billion people in the world.
Oh and the death toll for the S.E.A. quake/ tsunami is 120,000, and officials estimate it would rise to 200,000.

Monday, December 27, 2004

The five people you meet in heaven

I'm not a religious person. Neither is this book.
So rest assured this is not a book in search of God/Creator/Messiah.
It's just an interpretation of our lives (one life actually).
Eddie died as a themepark maintanence guy, saving a girl.
Needless to say he ended up in heaven.....
I'm never found of these 'self-help' books.
Conquer you fears, release the fury, touch yourself. Whatever.
But this one is all right. Short, yet complete.
Makes a person accept death more easily.
Seriously, if heaven were to be like in the book, I'm looking forward to die. That's if I'm not going to hell.
If you're going to read at least one book next year, read this one, shouldn't cost more than RM30.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

What about the place that we call home

Before watching Meet The Fockers, I was in the Popular Bookshop.
I saw this little kid following his dad, walking around looking dumb.
And then he knocked over a HUGE bunch of books.
Worse, he knocked over the stopper that stops the rest of the books.

Camera zoom in to the books. Slow motion on the domino effect.
Audio: Time To Say Goodbye by Andrea Boceli & Sarah Brightman.

Well actually it wasn't that dramatic, just that it was LOUD and everyone was looking, including me.
And then the most disturbing thing happened.
The kid, being dumb and all, was scared shitless, looked at his father.
His eyes said:" No, please don't kill me, I'll lick your shoes clean and all, just please don't kill me! "
The dad turned his face, looked at his son, then the books, and then the son again, then me looking at him (coz I was just next to them).
He walked away.

Insert audio: Irresponsible Hate Anthem by Marilyn Manson.

If my son were to knock down a mountain of books, I can choose to:
a) Beat the shit out of the son
b) Apologize to the shopkeeper.
c) Reassemble the books with him.
b) Console him, tell him it's ok.
e) All of the above.
Even if he was the one who caused it.
I wouldn't be surprised if his son ended up being a pirated DVD monger with golden hair and low taste tee shirt and send him to the old folks home after taking over all his money.
Seriously, he doesn't deserve to be a father. Hope he suffers from a stroke anytime soon, or get papercut on his vagina.
I feel really sorry for the son, all he could do was to follow his dad, who pretended not to know him and walked away from him.
Seriously, what's with the world today?

Operation Koh Samui

Photo from Dreamworks.

Watch this. NOW. I mean it. It's probably the best comedy of the year.
Forget Kung Fu Hustle, forget Stephen Chow, just watch this movie.
With the all star cast like DeNiro, Hoffman, Stiller, you know definitely that it's not going to be boring.

Although the humour is pretty much the same with the previous movie, I just love the dynamics between the actors.
It's like waiting for something really bad to happen to Gaylord Focker, although I know something bad IS going to happen.
With the Farrelly brothers MIA, this is the closest we can get to improper humour.
Though I'm more looking forward to Team America, speaking of EXTREMELY offensive humour.
While I was watching I noticed that the row in front of me was filled with Malays, you know, with the tudungs and all. I was kinda worried about how they'd take it.

And then I saw the father cracking up, when in the movie, DeNiro's grandson learned his first word: asshole.
Oops, did I just ruined it for you? Don't worry, there's more to expect.
And you thought your parents were embarassing.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Lest be forgotten.

The MPK clock tower. Ixus 40.

Festivals make me think about time.
You know, another year, another cake, another 365 days went by.
And everything changes.
So I stopped by this analog-turned-digital-turned analog clock tower of Klang and took a picture. Who knows if it's still going to be here next year? Maybe it'll turn digital again. Ha.
It's not that bad looking after all.

What the hell are you HO-ing about?

Federal Highway, Klang. Ixus 40.

Aaah. Christmas.
Red and white stripes, celebration, kindness, sharing...
And the year before that, and the year before that...
Well, it's Christmas eve, and I'm staying home, doing nothing.
Capitalism convinced the middle class society that on this 'special' day, we have to buy presents and go out for a big dinner, party, go clubbing, drink alcohol... aka spend money.
And they, the capitalists, use this festival as an excuse.
"Oh, it's christmas, so you gotta spend more money and buy this and buy that, bag these, cash those..."
(At this moment I can hear people playing fire crakers from a distance, maybe Pandamaran. Where. Is. The. Connection?)
No one remembers about that old man with the broken leg.
Or that young girl who's suffering from cancer.
Even the husband whose wife commited suicide two days ago.
These are real people. I read it in the newspaper today.
We're too absorbed in enjoying ourselves for the sake of any reason.
When we know for some people, Christmas doesn't mean shit.
Depressing thoughts you say? Well maybe.
Looking at the cars driving by the Federal Highway, I don't think I've suffered so much this year to deserve to be having a 'good time'.
And I don't think I'll be having fun tonight. For the sake of the forgotten people.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mulder? Scully?

After watching the last episode of Green Green, I decided to take a nap before dinner.
I had the weirdest dream ever.
No I'm not going to tell you. Well, actually I forgot about it.
Come on, don't tell me you've never had a dream that you felt so important yet you couldn't remember a single thing after you woke up. You don't? Well you're weird.
In fact, I was in shock when I woke up, heart pounding, cold sweat around my neck and all.
For the first time, I didn't know where I was when I woke up.
It all happened in only 20 minutes time.
And I couldn't remember a single thing from my dream.
It was scary as shit. As if I was abducted by aliens or something.
Hope they didn't probe me at some disasterous spots.

Or maybe I was only having a wet dream.
Ok, I was kidding. Bad image, I know, I know. Won't happen again.

A plain Wednesday life

Woke up at 9.30am.
Walked to the TV room, flipped through the paper.
Realised that nothing interesting is going on.
Red 2 chapters of One Piece comic.
Went back to sleep.

Father woke me up at 2pm to have lunch.
Lunch was fried eggs with bitter melon, chicken and sliced potato gravy, and fried fish.
He suggested going for driving range for the afternoon. I nodded as approval, and finished my soup.
Thunderstorm at 2.20pm. Plan cancelled.
Went back to my room, red more of One Piece. Touched a bit of Murakami's book.
Fell asleep at some point.

Woke up at 6.30pm.
Parents are going out for dinner, so I have to settle dinner on my own.
Drove to the weekly night market.
Bought some fish crackers to munch on while I walked around and bought stif friend noodles with curry and some rice rolls with fish balls and fried wanton on sweet oyster sauce.
Had a TV dinner.
Continue reading One Piece.
Went online, updated my blog.
Going to take a shower and go to sleep.

I can hear the working people cursing the shit out of me.
But hey, I'm a unibum, and I'm on vacation.
You're not.

Monday, December 20, 2004

F80 revived

Well, not really. It didn't come back to life.
I bought a new Nikon F80. You know, the one I lost a month ago.
Actually, my parents gave me the money to buy it. I bought a new phone too.
So I'm a dependent Uni spoil brat, sue me. I'm not going to sell my ass.

It was my dad's birthday last tuesday. And out of all people my mom forgot his age, baked a cake with the wrong age written on top, HUGE. Impossible to miss.
Well, the consolation was that she thought he was younger.
And I can't believe my dad is turning 60 in a couple of years time.
I wonder how screwed up my life will be when I'm 60. Wonder if I could even live that long.

Before Mid Valley you see...

The Telecom Building. Canon Ixus 40.
Photo taken by Cucumber.

Trying out my new digicam

KL Sentral Station Hilton Hotel. Canon Ixus 40.

Check your fuel tank

As idiotic Klang people, my friends and I decided on going to Mid Valley Megamall on a Saturday afternoon, a week before Christmas. We made a stop at the Sentral Station because my friend Mr.X was buying some train tickets to Singapore for an orgy trip (kidding, I think). After that we got stuck in the city for an hour and I kinda missed some exits, which means we spent A LOT of time in the car. The worse part was that we couldn't even find a spot in the parking lot. The "we're goin to eat shit" part, was that my fuel indicator light was on for 3/4 of the journey and we were all scared shitless.

Yet we did came up with some interesting conversations. Like this question:
Which would you choose, a beautiful girl with a screwed up figure aka matchstick/sumogirl or a 34-24-36 figure girl with a face which got run over by a car with shit sticking to its tyres?
Well, my other friend, cucumber, gave a really good rationale, and all of us thought it was the universal truth. Take this down if you happen to have a pen and paper.
When you're ugly, your figure doesn't matter anymore.

Mid valley was packed. And we saw Santa Clause, the guy who banged most children's mothers. Think about it.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

George Clooney is only 44

Ocean's Twelve was enjoyable.
The music, script and editing're great, but I'd reckon it would be expensive as well.
Plot was well, disappointing. You'd figure that this time they'd have a mind blowing plan to steal the president's right testicle or something equivalent, but no.
Yet there's a surprising twist near the end, which I find quite cunning.

Batman and Robin appeared in Sunway Pyramid today. Hahaha. I'd feel so happy if I were 10 years younger. But I felt sorry for them today, knowing that they're just normal blokes wearing a spandex uniform. I wonder how're their conversations like in bars.
"So wadya do for a living?"
"Oh I dress up as Batman and wave to little kids."

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sydney Reloaded

"Were you listening to me Neo, or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?"
My friend X, as Neo in the Lady in Red scene in The Matrix.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Missing in action

Right. I've been back in Klang for 10 days now.
Whenever I come home, I always have this feeling that I'm out of place because I've lost touch to most of the things around me for like 5-6 months. The things you see are still the same, yet the feeling is kind of, well, not same.
Anyway, for the past weeks in Klang, I've seen:

Kids making paper planes out of menus in a restaurant, throwing them in random directions.
A person commiting suicide from jumping over the bridge above Klang River.
My dad lost his mobile phone.
The immigration department working better than the I.C. department (fact that my passport was done in one day compared to my ID in a month)
The Incredibles.
No beautiful girls. Or guys.
The ending of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
The light, when a giant truck nearly stomp over my car.
Really. Ugly. People.

Oh well, at least the food is great.

Ocean's Twelve is showing tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be good.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Incredibly second

Caught The Incredibles yesterday.
I have to say no one would ever come near to Pixar's CG skills. Ever.
Just look at them nailing every Academy Award ever norminated.
And the typical "Disney" funny story lines are always well celebrated.
Yet this time Pixar is gambling, big time.
For the first time, The Incredible is rated PG, which means it's not your regular kids' cartoon.
Just pay attention to the story line, and you'll see adult humour: wife suspects husband having affair, insurance company manager doesn't give a shit about the good of mankind, and oh, black guy only appears on the screen for 20 minutes.
It's not a typical G rated cartoon. Which means kids probably won't get the 'the world is such a happy and funny place' story, thus not returning to the cinemas over and over again.
Maybe that's why they're not sweeping the box office. As of 26th Nov, National Treasure has taken over The Incredibles place as the No.1 selling movie in Hollywood.
Yay for Nicholas Cage for rising from the bottom since The Rock. And better luck with Pixar's gamble. The game is still hot. Yet I hope they get as much dough as they can before the release of Ocean's Twelve.

Update: apparently I've made a mistake. The incredibles never made it to the top. They opened at 3rd, then 2nd, and this week they've dropped to 4th. Let's hope they have a good endurance on the box office.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Memories... haa....

The Sydney Opera House.