Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Everything that has a beginning has an end

Ah. Last night in Sydney.
I think Sydney is the only place that you'll see people wearing suits running around. In Melbourne, 'suit' people are just too stiff to run. They take their time, holding their coffee, pretending they're some cultured people doing something important.
Here, I don't think people give a shit.
Jay-walking is like breathing in Sydney. I actually felt guilty when I waited for the lights to go green.
The strange thing is, I have never seen a bus/train inspector in Sydney so far. And everyone pays for their tickets.
Compared to Melbourne, they're so casual.
We have inspectors wearing their big jackets, flashing their badges, trying to be cool while attempting to fine us.
Every. Single. Chance they've got.
The only time I got fine (which is on my birthday), that bastard actually talked to me about the weather and how beautiful Malaysia was the last time he was on a holiday. Seriously, do I give a FUCK about what you think when I'm going to pay a $150 fine?
Stop pretending like it's your job and you really don't want to do it blah blah blah. I'm sure you enjoy the power.
After failing high school, that's the only thing you can do.
What do you need to obtain to become a tram inspector anyway? A body that fits into their jackets. That's what.
The guards here in Sydney make sure you buy your ticket. Inspectors in Melbourne make sure you get SHIT if you don't buy.
There's a big difference there.
Which reminds me of some time back in Malaysia.
It's Chinese New Year, and everyone is going home.
I remember seeing this policeman sitting just next to the road. Doing nothing. He just sat there under a big umbrella. No speedtrap. Nothing. Just him and his shades.
And cars actually slowed down.
I really respected that cop. Instead of running traps and fining people for speeding. He just sat there. He knew people would think he was setting up a speed trap and eventually slow down.
That's what I call serving the people.
Not asking for kopi money or fining the shit out of us.