Friday, July 22, 2005

Raining again

Moby Live in The Palace, St Kilda, Melbourne. 21/07/2005.

My ears are still ringing. My hair smells like cigarettes ought to smell. My heart is still beating and my legs are sore.
The concert was fucking. awesome.
Although he made us waited for 2 and a half hours, it was well worth it. And of course the $72 I've yet to pay.
Nothing serious, just that before his band and him appear there was this local jazz rap band. Come on, I'm not gonna pay attention to some stupid band when I was there to see Moby.
He didn't disappoint.
The concert was held in a dance club sort of venue. So it's a small crowd, say 1,000 people? We got a clear view of his bald head.
Of course, you get bogans shouting: The keyboard player is hot! Ah, horny little Australians. But she was pretty hot.
Apart from my friend, I've only seen three other Asians. Guess they're saving money for Kelly Chen instead.
The thing about having a distinct feature, is that your fans will copy you during your concert. We've seen more than a couple of bald man trying to look cool. Maybe during the beatlemania all guys had their toiletbowl hairstyle. At least my dad did.
At one stage he said: As a citizen of United State, I feel that I've the obligation to apologize on behalf of my country.
There was a tough check on cameras upon entry. Yet when the gig started he said: About photography, I advise you not to use flash so that the picture will turn out better.
Moby didn't steal the show. He plays the guitar most of the time, leaving the vocal to Laura Dawn.
After each number he'd say: 'Thank you. Thank you' in a shop announcer kind of way. The crowd loved him.
I want to have his baby.