Thursday, July 28, 2005

Smells like Japan

DO THE BEST by Do As Infinity. Avex trax.

Excuse Tiger for being so curious.
He's never seen a Japanese import CD before.
I thank Kana for going through all the trouble in Japan. Well, she got to poke my tummy in return.
And the snacks are great too. Kana, if you're reading this: Anatawa kirei desu. Watashimo kakkoi desu yo~
Ah. The album is great. From a Rock Pop point of view. This is old. Probably 2-3 years old. I know, I'm old fashioned.
But it's so much better than their recent albums. I know, I know, all artist wants to breakthrough from their 'style'.
It's my first time. So, I absolutely enjoyed it.
Even Tiger likes it, although he enjoys African drum more. He's quite open minded. He can do the robot dance. Really...