Monday, August 08, 2005

My finger itself has 9g of saturated fat

Last Friday, I walked Moe to Safeway. She wanted to buy some health food. You know, to lose weight.
At one stage, I remember we were actually arguing and comparing the fat and protein content between the 'vanilla' yogurt and the 'strawberry' yogurt, deciding which one to buy.
At that moment, it strucked me that I'm officially, a faggot. I actually read the nutrional facts and believed in them. Standing in the money consuming supermarket, I actually believed that my life is affected by that small amount of carbohydrate and fat.
I know, I've been running for the past three weeks. Even Sarah calls me 'Mr. Fitness'. I can hear God laughing.
Worst still, I can feel 'inner Harvard' detesting me.
So today, I technically ate a whole box of pizza and drank nothing but Coke for dinner. Now I feel better.
Maybe I need to run again tomorrow. Doh!