Monday, August 22, 2005

Open day + Boredom =

We've got free sausages too!

Yes, it's open day for Unimelb and the rest of the hostels.
We had lots of volunteers giving tours around IH.
When I say 'volunteers' I mean we actually get paid for it. I'm sure that's the main reason why people want to do it anyway.
And I got to inhale lots of Helium gas. I sounded so sexy I'm sure I could pick up Donald and Mickey and Pluto.
Alas, there wasn't many people that came.
Racist people, I tell you. They think they're too good for IH. They want a white supremacy college, well they can go to hell.
Then again, maybe it was because I was out front scaring the people. No, no, I refuse to believe that.
Deedley doodley doo. Nothing much happened. Except that I'm down on a flu. I feel as if there's a rabbit running around at the back of my nose. Wait, make that five rabbits.
Plus a washing machine.
Oh wait, something did happen. I won the intercollegiate sketching and photography competition. Came first for the sketching and third for the photos. Hip Hip Hurrah?
It's a fluke I say. Especially for the sketching as I did it just for fun. No effort whatsoever. The judges must've thought it was special just because I used pen to sketch instead of pencil.
The photo on the other hand, took me more effort and time. Yet I only came third. I guess it's better than nothing.
At least I didn't get any 'Special Mention' award. (For the people who got that award, no disrespect. I'm just poking fun at Parky.)
Oh, during the weekend I got dragged to the social dance club thingy in Union House by SHEANEE~! and JOANNA~!
They say I should thank them because they've given me a social life. Well, thank you. And you can't dance for shit. Both of you.