Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Poster for Malaysian Tourism Board.

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The new iPoh. The Chicken Ho Fun just got better. PenanG + Malacca.

Speaking about Freudian Slip, I remember this trip to Ipoh with my family. It was gazillion years ago.
My father always go to this Chinese Traditional Acupuncture place. And we'd spent hours sitting there or wandering around.
So, once my brother and I were reading newspapers in the waiting room while our dad got hypnotized into a poccupine.
Of course, when I say reading newspapers I meant eavesdropping the conversation between the nurses/receptionists.
It went something like:

Nurse: Aay, you suka* listen whose music ah?
Recep: Bulidney Spares** not bad la.
Nurse: What about that Koorishteena Agooeyleera*** ah? Her music chun boh****? Body hot hot eh...

Ah. Malaysians...

*suka = Malay. Means 'like, admire etc.'
** Britney Spears
*** Christina Aguilera
**** chun boh = Hokkien. 'Good or not?'