Saturday, August 13, 2005

Watson, someone stole our tent

I'm sorry that I'm out of the General Knowledge world for some time. But what the FUCK is this???
We've discovered a tenth planet in the Solar System?
After all this years of advance NASA launching and exploring and screwing up, we didn't realise an extra planet in our own backyard? Our very own Solar System?
After billions and gazillions of money going to Mars and shit, you're telling me we never actually fully explored the System?
Ok, I might be a bit shallow on this Astrological shit, but, tell me: If we can't even discover a tenth planet in the System, what proof is there to say that aliens don't exist?
After all this years, they only discovered ten planets? The Solar System might have 93598727 planets for all we know.
Why are the Americans still budgeting gazillion dollars for NASA when astromony, which seems to us now, is all by chance?
Why are we exploring space, when we can use the money for poverty, salvation, ecology, and alcohol?
I understand in the cold old days, the Russians and Americans were competing. Hence, the urge to send Armstrong moonwalking like a cow being milked while running.
But now who are we competing against? Planet Vergon-6? Amazon Planet? Omicron-8? They're not even real for fuck's sake!
I take this as a joke. I mean, it's probably the most significant discovery since the Paris Hilton sex tape.
But none better than the other.