Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What do you mean my son is gay?

Breaking up is a test.
A test of character, personality, will power, tolerance, violence, civility, patience and morality. Especially when you're the victim.
Of course, you'd say in a mutual break up there are no victims. I say bullfuckingshit. There's ALWAYS a victim.
It's simple. The person who gets drunk, miserable, and sympathy after the break up is a victim. The one who gained happiness after that, is obviously not. Note that I am speaking in the discourse of a relationship, not a matter of right or wrong.
Where was I? Oh yes, a test of humanity.
It's a test, because, you've got so much about your ex in your hands. Eg. their secrets, weakness, soft spots, histories, what they hate, what they actually think about their best friends, what they actually think about their parents and religion etc.
While on the technical side, you've got their thumb prints, hair, email address, IP address, actual address, their parents' address and telephone number, voice recording of what they actually said, and a couple of C4 explosives.
So much mischief, so little time.
It's been a while now, how bitter guys post their ex's nude pictures/movies on the internet after they got cheated.
That's tough, the girls get humiliated and scarred for life. And they never get to see the light of the day.
That's just plain stupid.
I say, you humiliate them AFTER they gain success.
AFTER they have a secure life. Therefore, they have more to lose, the stake is higher. The damage is increasingly severe.

What's the point of making their life miserable now when they are so insignificant anyway? I say patience is the key.
Again, everything is a test. It takes so much to control yourself.
I can think of all these, but I can't carry them out, yet. That's because I've got morality in my way.

But, it's always good to have hopes and dreams. For when the time is right, the ripe fruit of success would be juicy.
At the same time, I'd think twice to hurt my future girlfriend. Women just don't have any sense of control when they are mad, or out shopping on a winter sale, or on a diet.
Do you see this Satomi? Moe?