Thursday, August 11, 2005

What is that green stuff?

Today while waiting for dinner at Guild Theatre, I got really hungry. I dashed down to the food court of Unimelb Union House.
Most of the shops were closed, except for that which sells samosa and naan. You know which one I'm talking about.
There wasn't much food left anyway. Lots of samosas, some cold looking curry with rice and a chicken roll.
So my reasoning was, if there's only one chicken roll left, it must be good compared to the others. It must've been more demanded.
Therefore I bought the chicken roll.
As soon as I turned around, the Chinese sales girl, who assumed that I'm a banana, yelled to her boss:
老板,卖掉了!终于卖掉了!(Translation: Boss! I sold the chicken roll! I finally sold the chicken roll!)
I stopped and thought: Shit.
I ate the damn thing anyway. So, if I were to be food poisoned or paralysed tomorrow. Help me please, anyone?