Sunday, August 28, 2005

What's this in my ass?

The Italian National Night.
Despite the fact that I managed to sing in a woman's dress and impersonate Chairman Mao for the third time, it went for too long.
The night was a painful drag.
My table couldn't even get main course. I mean what the fuck? How can you not prepare enough food when the number of attendence's already been confirmed? How?!
Boo to Eurest. And capitalism.
I conducted Jia Hui's choir aka the final event. That was totally last minute because our pianist had to leave so she had to play the piano. I'm still feeling guilty for screwing up and taking her credits. To make matter worse she's given me a thank you note and a small Toblerone. Better check for poison and contamination. I mean thanks Jia Hui.
Had a drinking party after that. The highlight was seeing Satomi got KO'ed after two sips. Yes, TWO sips.
And I got drunk after everyone left again. If you've received any naughty emails or viruses, that's probably me.
Hope I didn't offend too many people.