Saturday, September 24, 2005

Can eat one or not?

The topic of hypocrisy came up during lunch today.
I googled the word up, and this is the definition:
the act of pretending to have beliefs, virtues and feelings that one does not truly posseses.

That's cool, but this is the interesting part: when you google the word hypocrisy, the search results come up. The second result will take you to and up comes the TOP Sites for Hypocrisy. The first site says God is Love.
I thought it was a joke. It says 'see a 60 second video on God's love for you.' No, seriously it's all about God's love.
Some great humour, these google people.
I can imagine this guy getting pissed on how his drug addict parents forbid him to smoke. He goes back to his room and shouts: 'I'll show you! Bloody hypocrites! I'm gonna search up the meaning of hypocrisy and get back to you!!'
And from the screen up comes: God is Love.
I'd chew the computer screen into two if I were him.
Seriously, hypocrisy is everywhere. Life itself is all about hypocrisy. We are going to die one day anyway. But we always feed ourselves with hope and better things to look forward to. But when you think about it, isn't that the biggest irony of all?
Note that I AM a hypocrite. For example, I detest sluts. But I have to admit I do come in contact with movies that has screaming naked women in it from time to time. I've made comment about people wasting money; I've got two iPods.
Right? So I'm the master of hypo-cheebye-crisy.

If you're having the same problem. I've got the solution for you. Number one, just fucking admit you are one! That makes your life easy. Like, what's wrong about being a hypocrite? You don't go to jail. No one's gonna hurt you. Suck it in and fuck all the world.
If you are still concern about your image, try this: Shut the fuck up! People can't actually call you a hypocrite when they don't know where you stand. Therefore, if you keep your opinions to yourself, then no one can actually criticise what you do.
Neat huh? Just like the classic dialogue:

Tarzan: You're gay? How come you never tell me you're gay? God we take showers together! I even let you massage my feet!

John: You never asked.

See? It works! So if you don't want to be labeled as a hypocrite, you can either suck it in, or shut the fuck up.