Saturday, September 24, 2005

Do not fornicate with it.

Coconut mothafucker! C-O-C-O-N-U-T! Give me your coconuts!

City of God.
Where kids carry guns and snort coke. Where raping and robbing are actual occupations. And it's ok to kill as long as you say your prayers and wash your hands after dinner.
Ok. It's an old movie. And I've never seen it although I showed it during CIA week. So? There's no rule saying we have to watch the DVDs once we bought them.
Aneeeway, this movie basically makes you go numb and immune to pot, and gunfires, coccaine, and black Brazillians.
I like the humour and irony behind the movie. Based on a true story too. Very swifty cinematography.
Nothing I can say that'd fully express my awe.
Just that the subtitles says 'hood' instead of gangsters. I'm the coolest hood around, you dig?

And they've got James Brown music. Haaaaeeeeeeeeik!