Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I trashed the candy and chewed the wrapper

It was 5:35 am. For the first time, I was awake to watch the Japanese news on SBS. However I was pissed tired.
When I realised there was nothing but of the upcoming election, I went to the toilet. While I was taking a piss however, I heard that a bear was running for the election.
There and then I had this image of a huge bear giving speech on the podium and shaking hands with the citizens. Riding his tricycle and shit. With the elephant song going on.
That's such an awesome idea! The bear could bring order in court! No more fist fight in the parliment because you know you'll get your ass chewed like sugarcane if you try.
The Japanese have done it again, I thought.
I went out and realised the candidate has a 'kuma' in his name (bear=kuma). He looks like a normal politician. Aw Sucks. Just when I thought the world's getting interesting.
The lesson of the story: Do not attempt to watch Japanese news when you can't speak the damn language.
Lesson 2: You should be in bed at 5:30 am.
Seriously, I'm getting old. I was listening to my collection of Jazz while finishing my assignment. And then I heard this song which goes like 'the old masturbator from the faraway hills." Again, I thought: could be fun. I didn't know 60's Jazz was so naughty.
Checked my iTunes. It was sang by Peggy Lee & Mel Torme. The name of the song is THE OLD MASTER PAINTER.
Lesson 3: Make sure you get enough sleep.