Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I was here when you're parking your car!

Went to La Porchetta for lunch today.
It's been a while since I had their Porchetta original Pizza. Some Italians once told me it was the most authentic Italian pizza you can find in Melbourne. While I've heard some Malaysians told me that it was the worst pizza they've ever tried: "Aiya don't like it lah, what meat is this, don't taste like Hawaiian also!"
Then, again, what is authenticity?
Like, from where I'm from, Klang, we make the best Bah Kut Teh*. People come from all over the country just to sample our BKT.
And sometimes, I'm forced to bring my relatives/friends from far to have a sample of our precious BKT.
The thing about eating BKT, is the effort of getting it. You don't just walk in to a random store and order away.
You have to drive, park, walk, wait, observe, signal the waiters, give warning to the people trying to steal your seat, order, wait, and only after an hour you'd probably get to sink your first bite.
What pisses me off most of the time, is that after all that effort my relatives/friends would say: Yerr, I don't like it. I think KL BKT is better. More authentic. This lot lice** one.
At times like that, I really wish I'd squeeze the chili padi's into their eyes and stuff the clay pot handle up their nostrils.
After being warned by my parents a couple of times, I realised it's not that Klang BKT that's not good. It's just that their taste buds've been screwed over. They've gotten used to crap KL BKT.
Pretty much sums up what's happening around. It's all about adaptation. We've been eating Pizza Hut and Domino's all our lives, when finally being served an actual Italian pizza, we criticize it.
We drink Starbucks, we breathe McDonald's, we even pray to the almighty Egg Chiffon with BBQ Pork. Yet, if we eventually taste an actual Cappucchino or Steak Burger, or an egg chiffon from Hong Kong. Who's to guarantee that we'd like it more?
So the bottom line is, authenticity is a blur. And, if you don't like Klang BKT, don't fucking ask me to bring you there next time.
Lot lice, lot lice. Lot lice dun eat lah!

*Bah Kut Teh literally translates Meat Bone Tea. It's a gluttonous broth of different herbs and spices cooked with pork, mushroom, lettuce, bean curd etc. Often served with rice. Goes well with Chinese tea and fried dough, hence the name.
* Lot Lice: Not Nice.