Friday, September 30, 2005

No, if a siamese twin is involved it's not a threesome anymore.

I was trying to explain the term 'going down'. Don't ask me why. It's just some stages of life you have to go through.
Explaining specific English terms to other people, is one of them.

The 'going down' I was trying to explain, was of course, the sexual one. For instance, to quote one of my reading text: 'Get me a cat and show me how you can milk it and I'll go down on you.'
But then, the person couldn't understand.
She asked me about gender and receptor.

There and then I realized how globalized and liberalized the world has turned out to be: I can't even explain oral sex in one go.
It used to be a common thing. When I say 'going down', it automatically means fellatio. It means a woman performing oral sex on a man. Going down = Happy man. Easy.
But noooo, nowadays it's so freakin sophisticated. A man can 'go down' on a woman, a woman can 'go down' on a woman, a man can 'go down' on a man. It could be fellatio; it could be cunnilingus.
Heck you can even 'go down' on a monkey if you want.
If I'm 'going down' on you, it means that I'm the performer, and you're the receptor. Quite technical you see.
Just shows that excessive globalisation brings more effort to define specific terms. Even the dodgy ones.