Monday, September 05, 2005

Paging for Mr. Lungs

How my legs felt after.

Diary of Harvard's conscience while running 10km for Ekiden:

1st km: So many people! Such a nice day to run! Ouch, the sun's shining into my eyes. Luckily I put on sun screen. Argh, wind's blowing. Whoops look out old lady. What an ugly dog.

2nd km: My knees are grinding. Shit my calf muscles hurt. SS went to the toilet. Should we wait? No? Well, he can catch up. Ah, Akina and Naoko the navigators are here. I think they said turn right. Should I tell the people ahead? Oh well, I'll just keep running.

3rd km: Whoops. Looks like we should've turned right after all. Pretend it's not my fault. Shit, SS just ran past me. Looks like I gotta speed up. Eat my dust you suckers. Let me show you the results of my training all this while.

4th km: Gasp. Choke. How the FUCK can they run so fast? Wait... cough. wait up. Oh yes, traffic lights. I'll can get some rest th- crap it turned green. My stomach, it hurts. Argh.

5th km: Lost sight of them. choke. I'm all alone. gasp. I think I just kicked a baby. Get out of the way you old hags. Your wheelchairs looks like shit. Oh, I can't see. Sweat dripping all over my face. Oh, yes I see them now. Oh, we're at Port Melbourne already? Great, I can rest for a while. What? Second lap? Let me rest, whoops, they're gone. I'm alone again. And my pants are falling down.

6th km: Why oh why the fuck did I decide to do this. Cough. This has to be the dumbest decision I've made. Gasp. Choke. Home. Ice cream. Angry dragon. Yogurt. Sand. Black. Yoko yoko. BenQ. Youth. Society. More angry dragons. 2046. ANZ bank. Uranus.

7th km: wehgoiuer. eoiwoiuer.aduruoewoiu. guoiwiowerios. weouirwr. hawwwwaarggh. fwaaargh. liidieksla.

8th km: ... _ _ _ ... ..._ _ _ ... ... _ _ _...

9th km: Sniff sniff. FOOD! Cappucino. Hotdog. What is this? My brain is flying. No wait. I can't feel my legs. Hmm maybe I can speed up. OUCH! FUCK! Ow I can still feel them. SHIT! That hurts like Hitler. Whimper. Whimper. Limp. Limp.

10th km: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we th-

Special thanks to Satomi who cycled behind me. Although I wonder what she could've done if I were to collapse. Call the wild life protection organisation? Yosh Taro! And many thanks to the kind souls who bought me dinner. Yes, that's you Riyo. Stop looking around. It's you. YES YOU! YOU!