Friday, September 09, 2005

The reason I remembered 1789

The dean of the Unimelb Arts/History faculty came to high table yesterday night. Not that it concerned me.
Yet I did have a small hand shake with him.
The head of college tried to make a conversation and talked about history teachers. About how important it is for a teacher to have an unforgetable personality.
My big fat juicy foot!
The best teachers, are the most beautiful ones. Period.
I remember when I was in junior three, our history teacher was the hottest women in the whole school.
(I think she's more like 'relatively' the hottest teacher, because the rest are like miniature dinosaurs or giant fossils.)
Yea, so the hottest teacher taught us history.
The single most boring subject for an ordinary science stream student. Or to say the least, for me.
And only in that single year, I got a 95 average for history.
This proves that if the government were to be able to employ supermodels or Hollywood superstars to teach in schools, everyone will get the straightest A's ever.
I'm sure all student will pay attention to every single boring shit that comes out from their mouth.
This also proves that I'm a lazy shallow pig. But hey, maybe she has superb teaching skills. Have you ever thought of that? Huh?