Wednesday, October 12, 2005

America is a huge, huge mistake - Freud

Shit! That's Granpa's 4-star dragon ball!

A Message (Coldplay) + Kingdom Come (Coldplay) + Flower (Moby) + Wrong Impression(Natalie Imbruglia) = 16 minutes 54 seconds = how long it took me to finish Princes Park today.
Finally broke through the 17 minutes barrier.

I was technically numb when I finished though. Couldn't breathe, white spots appearing everywhere.
I think I scared some children riding their tricycle.
To reward myself, I went to watch Fomula [ver 2.3] by Ryoji Ikeda at the Arts Centre in conjuction with the International Arts Festival. Apparently Ryoji is Japan's leading electronic artist.
I have not heard of him. That's the irony. In Japan some fanatic electronica fans might be working their lives off just to catch his show for once. You know, once in a life time thing.
While I just went: hmm. what should I do tonight? Ryoji Ikeda? The name sounds cool, I might give it a go.
I even got his autograph.
The whole show contains a throbbing centre dot, fast moving perpendicular lines and really loud. noises.
It's really a 'sound' experience. Very surreal. Very postmodern.
Speaking of postmodernism, did I tell you my presentation was over? When I met up with my group mates(grrr!) today and realised they've done nothing, I decided to give up and just enjoy the show. I was beyond angry and actually felt amused.
I think I will pass nonetheless. Yet if I were to have a mace there and then in the cafetaria, I'd put the mace on the table and smash their head to it. Over and over and over again. And then grind their skulls on the mace. Yes. yes.