Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Birds chipping = 4:04AM

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.

It's been a while.
Since I last decided to finish a book in one go.
I must admit I got attracted to the simplicity of the book cover first. From the short introduction I thought it's going to be about some exciting mysteries. However it turned out to be a heartwarming highschool self discovery encounter.
It was a good read. Apparently it was a big hit around, even in Japan. I got the image above from the Kinokuniya website.
The book is about a girl who's basically a walking collection series of chicken soup for the soul. You know, life changing stuff.

It made me thought about my own highschool life. I can relate to it. All the being unpopular and 'having no friends' kind of flashbacks. Uurhghah. ururhg. No, shoo go away!
I wouldn't say it's a fantastic book. Pink, happy, fluffy, and cheerful books are not my type. I'm into cynical destruction, randomness and kinky type of books. Ahem. Cough.
A good bed time story book nonetheless.
Whilst refreshing my page I realise there're still people visiting my blog at this hour. What are you doing? Go to bed!
What? What about my presentation tomorrow? Oh Sh-