Sunday, October 23, 2005

Coitus Interruptus. Ask me about it.

Check this out. I was doing my research for my Reading Media Text assignment and I came across this comment by Michel Foucault:

That is why coitus* in the middle of the night is deceptive, because then the food is not yet elaborated; the same is true of coitus that one has early in the morning, because there still may be ill-digested food in the stomach and because all the superfluities have not yet been evacuated through the urine and the feces. So that, all things considered, it is after a moderate meal and before sleep -- or possibly before the afternoon nap -- that the time will be most favorable for sexual intercourse.


NAH! For people like me got chance to coitus kill pig thank Dua Bek Gong** already! Still got time to hiam*** the time for wat wat coitus ar?
These postmodern people really siao one. Might as well set up a time for us to dig nose or trim nose hair.

*coitus: SEX LAH!
** Dua Bek Gong: a type of Chinese God.
***hiam: complain/make preference etc.