Sunday, October 16, 2005

I dare you to say the title in Cantonese.

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It's a chick flick. It started off with Cameron Diaz got caught sleeping with her sister's boyfriend.
Cut to bitch fight. Cut to running away from home.
Cut to Miami, where suddenly the whole movie is filled with old people in a retirement village. Enter the sisters' long lost grandmother. The connection. The middle layer of a Big Mac.
It's a typical movie which you've already know the ending: Sisters broke up. They discovered something important about themselves. They meet again. They get back together. And everyone lives happily ever after.
If only reality works that way.
I guess that's what makes these movies so appealing to girls.
For guys? Well, just take this as repaying your girlfriend by making her watch Sin City with you.

Although a big part of the movie is just about Diaz showing off her hard body, the casting is pretty good.

It's not gonna be a blockbuster. But if you're into chick flick or eager to get in touch with your feminine side, go ahead.
Sheesh. I need my shot of male hormones.
First Stargirl, then this. Too much pink. I accidentally caught myself filing my nails this morning. Yipes.