Friday, October 28, 2005

Leaves are money, no?

After pausing the PS2 for three days, I've finally finished Haisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko of the Ghibli set.
The movie is about a Tanuki community who's been driven out of their homeland because, well, we human need to develop residential areas. Plus, what the hell is a Tanuki anyway?
Tanuki is an atypical species of dog that is often confused with badgers or racoons. Japanese folklore consider Tanuki to be magical creatures with the power of transformation.
Also, Tanuki has giant testicles.
You read me right back there. They call them Kin-tama (Golden Balls). The testes are supposedly symbol of good luck instead of sexual reference. The Tanuki uses the testes as a drum to beat out the 'ponpoko' sound. (If only that didn't sound so wrong)
Well scientifically speaking, male Tanuki has large scrotum because of the fierce competition for the female Tanuki.
In the movie, the Tanuki stretches out its scrotum as a parachute in a desperate suicide attack. There and then, I thought: WTF.
It's made in 1994. I guess if I'd have watched it then, it would be an enjoyable experience as a kid. You know, seeing the Tanuki's transforming and stuff. Yet this is one of those movies that actually depresses you as a grown up. Like 'oh they're so happy, but sooner or later they'll die anyway.'
For a few minutes I was thinking: No! I refuse to go Tokyo now, because they killed all the Tanuki's!
And then I fall asleep.