Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lion King goes pole dancing. Call Tiketek.

Tiger not used to this type of pole.

Went to Unimelb to see this dance performance thingy.
Flare, they call it.
Our comment after the show: Great lighting effects.
No. It's not that it's crap. I am in no position to criticize. I can't even lift my legs not to mention do a split.
Yet I couldn't help noticing 50% of the show were just people 'clubbing' on stage. Just that they share the same movements.
What about the girls you ask? Well, they all look tasty. Some in a sexual way. Some in a 'if I were to barbeque them and stuff an apple in their mouth, they'd be tasty' kind of way.
Okla. They're just fat ok? But they could still stand on their toes. I gulped whenever they did that. Respect.
My friends and I concluded that each and every one of the audience know a person on stage. That's why they're there.
You know how people just like to shout out names during acts? At one stage I was thinking what happens if I shout out 'NA~BEH~' real loud. And there and then I felt like laughing.
And the Gigaloop starts. If you've never watched Coupling, a Gigaloop is when you try to control your laughter during a formal event eg. funeral but the sensation just gets bigger in your chest.

I had a stomach cramp trying not to laugh out loud. Tears were running down my cheeks but it was fine because a girl was doing a sad impressionistic dance then.
Never drink Yeo's Chin Chao drink during intermission. Gets you high. And it gives you stomach cramp.
At least I get to meet a gal I've lost contact with for 6 months. I've forgotten her name. But I do remember her.
I think she felt insulted when she called out my name and I went blink blink stare blink. I remember you, really.