Sunday, October 02, 2005

No you don't cut the spring rolls in halves!

Yum Cha.
In Malaysia, we call it Dim Sum*. It's the same thing, just different names. It's like calling barbeque 'grilled meat on hot plate'.
What's that Daniel? Oh you just came back from Sydney? What's that? Krispy Kreme doughnut? No, I'm fine. Diet actually. Seriously. No, it's ok. I'm writing my blog here. No, I really shouldn't. No, stop it. Please don't Uuuuuuuuuhoohooh fuck me that tastes so good. Oh the taste of doughnut. Mmm.
Yes. Yum Cha! It is quite interesting on how we have a ritual on Yum Cha's. For Malaysians, at least, we always start with the steam ones. Then maybe we'll order some porridge, some 'Loh Mai Kai's, and proceed to the fried dishes. We have desserts in the end like some egg tarts or mango puddings.
That's how we normally do Yum Cha, or Dim Sum.

However, today, I went Yum Cha with my soon-to-be family in law. They don't follow that sequence at all.
I was dumbfucked for some time there. We started with a fried dish. Then we have dessert. After that we had the steam ones. And then dessert. And then a fried one.
I was like Whoa! Hey! What's this!? You're turning at the wrong corner! Stop! You just ran through a yellow light!
Have you seen those dishes that made you go 'shit, who the hell's gonna order those? ' Uhuh, my question was answered today.
At one point, they ordered a fried rice and beef kuey teow.
Huuueueeaah?! You don't ordrer fried rice on Yum Cha! What the hell is beef kuey teow anyway?
It was a mind blowing experience. Not to mention eye opening. Hong Kong people, they're so cool.
Who says you need to have a sequence to Yum Cha?

*Not to be confused with Dim Sim. Dim Sim does. not. exist. Australians made them up so they could deep fry leftovers and sell it back to customers. No, seriously, can you actually tell me what's in a Dim Sim?