Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nola. I was talking to my parents.

Is there anyone sitting next to you now? If there is, ask them to leave you alone. Gone? Good. Now look around and see if there's anyone that'd sneak and peek behind your back.
Everything's tip top? Great. Now lean closer to the screen. Because I'm gonna let you into one of the biggest secret ever.
Question: While chatting on MSN, do you pay any attention to the status bar under your chat window?
You know, the one that says: 'Last message received at 10:43pm on 04/10/2005' or 'pReTtyGal is writing a message'? Yup. That one. Especially when it says who who who is writing a message.
Have you ever wondered what's actually going on when the status bar says he/she is 'writing a message'?
What actually triggers THAT message?
Does it appear when you put your cursor on the window? Or does it appear only when you start typing?
Now lean closer. Because I've got the answer.
I've tried it with my trustworthy friend, X. The message only appears AFTER you started typing.
Putting the cursor in the text box doesn't show it.

Of course. Allow some time delay. Say, a few seconds. But yea. That was the conclusion. The message only appears when you're actually typing in the text box.
So now you're asking, so what's the big deal?
It's a FUCKING big deal!
Have you ever experienced this: You're chatting with someone you're interested in. You type a message and you wait anxiously for his/her reply. Perhaps you were asking something important.
The status bar shows that person is 'writing a message' for 9 minutes. And after all that you get a reply that says: LOL.
And you thought to yourself. He/she must've been away.
That's not true. My experiment tells us that he/she was trying to type something, but didn't know what to type and ended up giving you a 'oic' or 'lolz' reply.
He/she was there all the time.
Have you got any IDEA how this could severely contribute to the psychology behind the MSN flirting world?
People who understand this, you'd understand. If you're still saying huh I don't get it. Then at least you've gotten yourself a worthy general knowledge.
Now go show off to your friends and pretend it's your discovery you piece of short limb pimple face shit.