Sunday, October 02, 2005

Poke poke.

To gas, or not to gas?

Was at the Laguna asian grocery store.
Bumped into this girl I met a week ago. The thing is, I don't remember her name. So I asked for it.
Which, I admit, was kind of embarassing.
She told me her name in a 'hrmmph' way and said I was mean because she remembered my name. Then again, who could possibly forget my name?
It's unfair, to judge me like that. I should be given a handicap in the game of remembering names, of course, if such game exists.
So yea, I went 'oh yea right that was your name thank you' and moved on to the next aisle. 10 minutes later I was queuing to pay. I bumped into her again.
Guess what? I've forgotten her name. Again.
Of course, I didn't tell her that. But I felt really, really guilty.
I told my friends about it. They told me: Dude, because you don't find her hot. or pretty. or both.
Then we started talking about asking women's names.
This is your reaction when you see a hot girl:
This is your reaction when you see an ugly girl:
Anyway, I actually thought that girl was cute. Meh, she'd already have a boyfriend anyway. Shut up. I'm not chicken.
If she's reading this: sorry I couldn't remember your name.
Sorry for poking you too.