Sunday, October 09, 2005

Say it like this: Poo-tah!

Got sucked into the Hayao Miyazaki craze and bought the Studio Ghibli boxset for $60. It was on discount, what could I do?
So at 2am yesterday I started watching Laputa: The Castle in the Sky(1986). I remembered watching it halfway when I was 13 during junior high. It was in this 'activity' room that filled with the stench of sweaty socks.
We pretty much did a lot of stuff in that room: Little skits, movies, presentation, rehearsal. So whenever I thought of those moments such as watching Laputa, or the sex educational tape, or the mathematical documentary about Pi, or acting as Cinderella's mother, I thought of smelly socks.
Anyway, I was watching the movie right, then Parky came over to print his assignment. When I told him the title of the movie, he raised his eyebrows, which I interpreted as:
Doesn't Puta means vagina in Spanish or Portugese? so Laputa would be 'THE vagina' in French.
There and then we couldn't watch the movie with a straight face anymore. We couldn't stop snickering whenever the lead characters said the line: 'We're looking for LAPUTA!' or 'We've found the core of LAPUTA!'
I reckon it'd be a good idea to play the drinking game with this movie. Everytime Laputa is uttered , you skull.
Anyways, I've done my research. Apparently Puta means whore, bitch or prostitute; not the vagina. Yet in Spanish this word is used as the word "fuck" in English.

Tu Puta madre = your fucking mother
Puta!! = Fuck!!
Ala puta!! = Holy fuck!!
Aqui esta tu puta comida. = here is your fucking food.
Ando putiando. = I'm fucking around.

Eyyy. Another informative yet useless session brought to you by the braincells of my pathetic little mind. Enjoy.