Saturday, October 29, 2005

Taylors? No I don't need clothes.

Haven't been chatting with my high school mates for some time. Whenever Klang people catch up, it's always about food.
Because, I think that's the only attraction we have. Our memories revolve around restuarants. Teluk Pulai, Modern, Centrepoint, Melawis Laksi, Bee's cafe (Haha!), Pandamaran Fried Chicken, Cendol Klang. Eng Ann Mamak. If you've lived in Klang before, I'm sure you'd find some familiar names back there.
And of course, my Chinese high school life.
Reading JHT*'s latest work reminded me of my Tongkat Ah Meng Chinese root. Which is strange, because, most Malaysians don't believe I'm a Chinese student when I tell them.
Wat, jast becoorse I durn spueek blocken yinglish theyn I'm lot Chainese ar? Yu all daem lacist one.
I remember my harcore Chinese high school life. Which, only the English teachers spoke England.
Good days. Although I didn't have many friends. Yes, I do notice I don't have THAT many friends now, but yea.
People used to ignore me in high school. It's pretty funny because my size was impossible to ignore.
Like the audience try to 'not notice' the elephant in a circus.
Speaking of getting ignored, something similar happened recently. Yes, I'm being ignored by someone, again.
It's pretty simple. A joke gone too far. Can't take it back. Not in speaking terms anymore. I've experienced that with my 'J' joke before. My 'J' joke brought me respect and life long friends; it made me lose a lot of friends and gained enemies as well.
Anyway, I just realised: to dislike, or hate someone takes so much effort. You have to know where that person is, when he/she's round you gotta put up a straight face. You gotta put up the fuck off look, buy voodoo dolls, prick them on the heart. You know, that kind of stuff. So I've decided not to hate people. I choose to despise or symphatise them.
It's easier plus you don't really care about them do you?

*JHT = 痞子蔡. Taiwanese author. Latest work: 孔雀森林. Got it, Lum?