Saturday, October 22, 2005

You gotta pick them up just to say hello.

Yay. Music night. Rock on!
Well. It was 2 nights ago. And JH organised a choir group (sorry I said choir because I can't spell acapella.)
We sang "Short People" written by Randy Newman. You know the one that goes "Short people got no reason to live, they have little hands, little eyes, they walk around telling great big lies..."
And people actually came up to me and asked if I was singing about my ex. You know, the 'not so tall' one.
My first reaction was actually to reply them: Oh so you actually think she's short huh. How terrible of you.
And of course, I didn't pick the song. Although I didn't quite object it. Mehehe. We sorta screwed up in the end. But hey, nobody noticed. And we had fun, that's the main point!
This update is kind of late. Because, I can't think of anything interesting that happened lately. Except for the flu I still have.
Oh wait, yesterday I did ride a bicycle to Lygon. (Queue "the Elephant song")Yea, I felt like I was in a circus.
On my way there I was so tired: The bike's so difficult to move. My muscles are aching, I was short of breath. Stuff like that.
After all that running, and I couldn't even ride a bike.
I brought the bike to a bike shop because someone stole my seat adjuster. After replacing it and all, the shopkeeper asked me: Do you know that your tyres are flat?
Ah. I see.