Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Your skin makes me cry

We bury people in plastic containers in year 2074.

Woke up at 9.30am. Just in time to miss breakfast.
And I thought, well I might as well try fasting today.
Bad decision.
Without food I was bored. So I decided to play some basketball by myself. You know, to kill time.
Bad, bad, bad decision.
And then I remembered I've got dance class.
So by 2.15pm my brain was kinda going woo-ing woo-ing. chip chip. spark. Ctrl + Alt + Delete + your momma.
By the time I broke fast at 6.45pm, I realised I've got a haircut. Plus a mullet. Fuck. Not funny at all.
And I stole two people' s late meals.
I can't understand or believe how the muslims could get through this. Especially the ones back home.
Malaysia's productivity must've been -824%. Lots of people go to work and screw up and say: Apa buat? Puasa mah!
I'm sure the Chinese and Indians are happily eating Happy Meals in front of their Malay friends just to tease them.
You want to see Zombie: Resurrected? Go to the warung makan in Klang right before they break fast.
After the radio prayer says: aoowooaoaooa - eat rice - owoaooaoaoa. You see all these boneless people puffing away while drinking and eating. Quite a sight really.