Thursday, November 24, 2005

505: I'll be quite sad if there's a 'no'

Erm. Yes. This is the last one. Seriously.

Ok. Ok. I get it. You're sitting there shaking your head, saying: God when is the perverted Japanese fetish of this guy going to end? Has he got no normal friends/life at all?
Right. Hey it's not my fault they're leaving at the same time ok? And also, it's not my fault that I'm handsome/ charming/ approachable thus leading Jap chicks into my circle of friends.
Bear with me. This is the last one. No more soppy goodbye posts and I'll be back to the baby crunching tip top shape.
Why am I explaining myself to start with? This is MY blog! I can write whatever I want! I can swear if I want! Here you go: Shit.
Where was I? Yes. Departure of Riyo. She left at 8:02am this morning. We took pictures and waved goodbye. The end.
What? So now you're complaining it's too short? Not enough details you say? Well why don't I give you my account and you run my blog for me? On second thought, no. I don't trust you.
Fine. After Riyo left I threw up in the toilet. No, not because of sadness, but over eating. Eurest made us these personalised pancakes which is in the size of pizzas.
Best pancake I've ever eaten, but I think I ate too fast.
Buddha's tears actually tasted like tears yesterday. Tiger seems depressed. He hasn't eaten since yesterday too.
I've given the saddest hand massage ever. But hey I can finally get rid of that bottle of massage oil.
Since I've somewhat packed my stuff there seems to be no proof whatsoever of her existence at all in my apartment now.
Except for that birthday present of hers, which haunts me in the corner. I feel like burning it. (Don't worry, they're candles. I'm supposed to burn them. Got you again!)
Exchange students are like heroin: It feels great having them around, but the damage is like the consequences of a monkey driving a McLaren F1 car at the opening ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth games, which is coming soon.
Since I'm leaving IH. I guess this is my last time getting the shot anyway. Here's to getting off the hook.
And entering the life of having no one but Omar & Parky. God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh G0-
And erm. Riyo, if you're reading this. I think you left you digital camera in my apartment. I just found out 2 seconds ago.
God oh God oh God oh God oh G- This is so screwed up.