Saturday, November 05, 2005


What do you mean the earth revolves around the sun?

Wow. As beautiful as she is, the picture is so airbrushed. She could even pass as an extra in a 3D anime.
(Ha, get the joke? A real human in a 3D cartoon, no?)
Talking about computers. While looking at my shelves today, I wondered: Why'd I have less trouble with timing while learning how to dance? (in case this is a surprise for you, yes, I've been taking dance classes and due to some programming error I was learning silver class latin.)
I thought I was good in rhythm and beats, you know, the natural groove master. Bust a move man.
Until it strucked me.
Dance Dance Revolution.
I forgot how I used to play that game every. single. day. You know, that arcade/playstation game where you dance by stepping on the arrows that go different directions?
Yea, I used to play that like I've got no friends! I've gone through professional yet sad dance training waaaaaaay back.
My friends and I, we're the step guru's.
And to think I'm gifted. Cheh.