Thursday, November 03, 2005

Aren't my clothes, hip?

Ran out of laundry powder today.
So I stole some from the laundry room. If you think you're losing some detergent, that'd probably be me.
So after putting my laundry in the drier, I wanted to go running. But then I couldn't find my iPod shuffle.
Searching high and low, rampaging through my clothes and all, I just couldn't find it. I even went down to the office and asked if someone found it yesterday.
No. Don't have, they say. So I ended up running without music today. Depressed. My first shuffle died on me, this replacement one went missing. Haih, just not meant to be.
Had dinner (thanks Steph) but it tasted bland.
Talked to people but I only see black silhouettes in front of vibrant pink or green or blue colour.
Anyway, upon returning to my room I went to collect laundry. I open the drier and the bloody shuffle dropped out.
Basically that thing went through wash and dry.
And guess what? Fuck the thing's still working.
That should be their new headline. The new iPod. The digital music revolution just got better. Wash + Dry.
I'm still cursing to myself now. Can't believe it. Now I don't feel so guilty spending more money on Apple stuff.
Because, they're good. What? Disagree? I dare you to put your MP3 player in the washing mashing AND drier.
Then come and argue with me.