Wednesday, November 30, 2005

AV05 = memories

Tiger: empty.

Ah. Home. Klang. Home.
Upon entering KLIA I still couldn't believe I'm home. There're announcements in mandarin. Felt like Taiwan.
Until I saw some really ugly girls wearing spaghettis strap with clear strap bras, then I believed I was home.
And that auntie sitting in the waiting room digging her nose while her son buried his face in the chair cusion.
Never forget the swarm of people outside the arrival hall, half of them creeping up to you asking: cheap taxi? cheap taxi?
Ah. Malaysia. Truly Asia.
MAS airline changed it's in flight entertainment system! Now there're like 30+ movies to choose from and we can watch it whenever we want. An improvement.
I watched densha no otoko. Interesting, but unrealistic. In real life, beautiful girls don't fall for computer geeks.
The flight menu: chicken in soy sauce with rice, or beef casserole. I guess Eurest is catering for MAS as well.