Thursday, December 01, 2005

Battle Royale

SHOYA. 25 Market Lane 03-9650 0848.

Ok. Whatever you've heard of Shoya, it's true. It's next to Flower Drum. It serves great Japanese food. It's expensive.
BUT! But! The lunch set is definitely worth it.
Well there's 3 types of lunch set:
The normal ones are like teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, yakitori that kind of stuff, which cost under $20.
The 'slow' lunch sets cost around $20 - $25. Most of them are seafood on rice. Seafood = Sashimi.
The special ones cost above $30. I didn't pay attention because it was obviously off my budget. $30 for lunch? Pfft.
So yup, I ordered the teriyaki beef set, which comes with miso soup, rice and cold tofu(the one above the rice).
The beef was perfect. As you can see it's not some thin beef slice crap, they're steak cubes. Very tender, very soft.
Lina ordered the Sashimi rice set. She gets udon noodles, cold tofu, some tamago egg thingy, and check out the amount of sashimi on rice. That's like a main serving on the dinner menu.
My teriyaki beef cost $18.80. Her sashimi set? Only $21.80. Great value I must say. She was so full towards the end.
I've only had dinner there twice and both time they were special occasions. Meaning: Expensive la!
But I don't mind going there for lunch for casual reasons. Conclusion: add lunch at Shoya on your to do list.