Sunday, November 13, 2005

Black and white pajama stripes

I've met 2 Moe's in IH. This is not the first one.

The first time I met Moe (pronounced MO-EH), she was sitting beside me during dinner time. You know, O-Week.

Being a friendly O-Weeker, it was my essential duty to have a conversation with her. You know, to make her feel like home. (whilst ignoring the ugly fresher sitting the other side)
She was having a hung over.
The last day I spent with Moe, she's still having a hung over. Pretty much sums up her two semesters in Melbourne.
That she's strong, determined, and sticks to what she likes. Hah. And I like how she seldom does the 'V' sign when taking a photo.
She drags her voice and sounds lazy all the time. A 'I don't give a shit what you think' kind of tone.
Yet if you manage to gross her out, you'd get a cute 'sOooOoOOoooOoooo dis-ghusting' from her.
Like any other girls, she'always complaining to be fat and all. How strange she always appear alright in pictures. (I guess you can't actually tell people 'hey I'm photogenic you know' because people'd think you're an obnoxious bitch)
She's always on a diet. She's always going to Bismi.
At first, I used to ask her panty no iro wa nan desu ka? (what's the colour of your underwear?) whenever I saw her.
And then I learned more dodgy Japanese and we could actually construct a conversation using all those words.
In the end I just poke her whenever I see her.
I guess, what I'm trying to say is, I miss her already.