Saturday, November 05, 2005

Can I have one 'hump your dog'?

Had dinner at this Jap place, Kimurakan, in China Town.
You know how guys like to keep their cool when looking at the menu, especially if there're girls around?
Yea, it's true. Girls will point to the menu and say: Hmm what's this huh? You think it's good? Oh I can't pronounce this, don't know if spicy or not eh. Oh is it those little green cute things...
Guys? Well, we ask the technical stuff: How BIG? How MANY? How MUCH? If we can't read the menu, we skip it.
Fuck no we're going admit we can't deal with a menu.
Anyway, so I tried to do the same thing, you know, be calm and collected. It was after all, Japanese food. My home turf.
But then I saw this item I've never seen before: Crab Steamboat.
It's pronounced: KANI NABE.
I was laughing face down to the table. Tears running along and all.
It's a Hokkien swear word: Screw your mom.
So much for calm and collected.