Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm ugly, but I'm very gentle

It's Angelina Jolie. Really. Not me.

I look like a penguin.
They say it's allergy. Maybe stress. Maybe hay fever. Even the heat, or food. Some say that I've been hanging around dirty girls.
I've got rashes all over my arm and fingers. My lip started swelling during brunch. I can feel it but I didn't know it was THAT big. Went back to my room, looked at the mirror.
Couldn't stop laughing. Then I felt sad. And then I laughed again. And I felt sad again. It's like Gyahahahaha! Aww... but AHAHAHAHAHHA... awww. Pfwhahahaah......
And everyone's like: hey Harvwhoaaaa erm. Nice T shirt you're wearing. I like the collar, and the colour.
At least it's a comfort to know that I look worst with swollen lips. Better than people coming up to me and say: Hey you look better today! Is it the hair? Hmm. Something's definitely different. I like it, you should stay this way.
Please leave a comment if you laughed like crazy before you felt sorry for me. You bastards.