Thursday, November 17, 2005

Little giant

Yes I'll drink your tea! Don't kill me please~

Found out surprisingly that Rieko was visiting from Sydney. She was in IH last year as an exchange student.
We met up for lunch at the Bismi branch along Elizabeth.
Yes, yes she's Japanese. Yes, she was in my O-Week group. No, no don't give me any more of those 'you dodgy Japanese pervert' stare. I've had enough of that. You're just jealous.
Anyway, it was quite bizarre. As in, she hasn't change much from what I can remember. Gullible, easily startled, and tiny as pea.
Yet beware, because I heard she's a kendo master.
The last time we talked, I believe, was in the Greycourt laundry room. Talking about some deep 'future' stuff.
And now, we are in the 'future'.
It's a mixed feeling, meeting up an ex-exchange student after just sending one off a few days ago.
Yet at the same time, it sorta gives me positive hope that I'd still keep in touch with most of the ex-IHer even if we'd left.
The worst part of my day was that I had to listen to this American dude talking crap, calling Melbourne 'Meowborn'.
Other than that, it's been a high-spirit day. Not going into details but I've got a HD for one of my subjects.
It's ridiculous. It's one of those 'if I can get a good grade, then this course must be crap' kind of feeling coz I didn't put in much effort.
Or as one of my 'friend' put it, 'if a girl finds me interesting, she must be insane/strange.' Heh. Classic.
I'm super, thanks for asking. Everything considered I couldn't be better I must say. I'm sorry, Mr. Cripple, even the fact that you can't walk couldn't bring me down.