Friday, November 18, 2005

Not another one.

Bye bye Taro~

Similar situation. Another 20 people sent Satomi off this morning at 7.41am. We stood in a semi circle and took turns to hug her.
The only difference is that I didn't stay up this time.
So I was actually half awake while sending her off. Only when the drowsiness wore out, I realised she's not going to be in Melbourne anymore,which was probably 3 hours after she'd left.
Just when I was feeling down and thought that lunch might cheer me up, Eurest was serving lamb curry on rice.
Which looked like cow dung on sticky rice.
She came over and said bye and thanks yesterday. And then she robbed my preview copy of Satadal, with my signature on it.
And for the first time, she tried white tea. It's good to know that there's still interesting stuff to do and talk about.
Instead of saying thank you and then a long hard silence.
Which makes it a bit worse because then you realised there're so many other things you haven't done together.
AAARGH, why am I getting so sentimental and weak. No no no! I'm the cynical Satan! We're all gonna die one day! Screw it!
No, no seriously. I do have friends other than Japanese girls. Just that... they're all leaving at the same time now.
Coincidence really... Stop pestering me...
To distract you, I've got the Durex global sex survey of 2005! Do you want to know which country has the most sexual activities?
Or, the average virginity losing age of your country? What about most frequent 'non bedroom' location for sex of the world?
Go, have fun you sad, sad people.