Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thank you thank you thank you far too kind.

YU.U. 137 Flinders Lane 03-96397073

It was exactly 12 o clock. I was playing pool in the games room. People around me totally unaware of my birthday.
Before that I sold my A3 printer to Fred. And we were drinking grass jelly drink in the Greycourt kitchen. Memories.
At 12:15am I got a call from Steph, Juri and Yuni. cursing me for not being in my room as they were planning a surprise.
I guess the surprise was on them.
We ate tim tam ice-cream.
I received a surprise call from a close friend faraway. Her voice sounded like she was just next door.
I checked Parky's Chinese grammar and translation while falling asleep on my bed. The girls were watching anime.
We saw Yuni off to Korea (actually the airport) at 4:34am.
Juri then headed off to Sydney at 9:46am, rain.
At 12.34pm I met up with Sam at Nike Melbourne. We had the set lunch at Yu.u. It was great. The beef curry oh the beef curry.
Thanks Sam. Stop winking Anthea.
Birthday was: getting my free energy lift Boost juice, buying the CD that was on air in a shop, without knowing the name of the singer.
Birthday was using my 15% Borders voucher to buy Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen. And Underworld's 1992-2002.
Birthday was coming back to my computer and seeing 10+ greetings on MSN flashing on screen.
Birthday was running for 17 minutes and 12 seconds although it was a damn hot day. A fly flew into my nose. That was itchy.
Birthday was tramming to Ying Thai 2 for dinner, and sitting down with 24 interesting combination of friends.
Birthday was gratitute to Justin Vincent Sharone Tsung Shereen Hans Omar Curtis Parky Kana Sarah Shoko Steph Pat Kim Ying Yi Kee Win Han Sharon Lina Joe May Lin Daniel.
Omar & Justin bought me an oven toaster. A-w-e-s-o-m-e.
Birthday was having a double serving of green tea & lychee gelati, before receiving a Brunetti's cake.
Birthday was feeling tired while people stayed and chatted through out the whole night, with nuts and alcohol.
Birthday was saying goodbye to my iMac for 3 months.
Birthday was happy. Birthday was satisfactory. Birthday was better than last year. Birthday was happy.