Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tiger balls.

Went to Tesco to shop for soaps and stuff. Dad pointed out this punk rock fruit and asked me if I've tried them.
I raised my eyebrows, meaning: I thought it's alive.
I looked up at the tag and it says: Dragon Fruit.
Well, the inside reminds me of Kiwi, just that it's white instead of green. And the skin is tough and red. Well.
The texture is exactly like Kiwi. Just that it's not sour at all. It's like seedy watery texture of coconut.
So now we can call the Red Indians who act like white people Dragon Fruit! You know, like how we call Chinese white trash as bananas: Bloody Dragon Fruits, think they're so good.
Now I'm really back home. Home is having slow connection. I'm riding a bicycle on the information highway.
More updates soon. This two thumbnails took me half an hour to load. Oh, here's another photo of normal fruits:

Mangosteens, rambutans and fuji apple. Yeah! No more Eurest crappy fruits. Or any kind of crappy fruits.