Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why do they give big spoons for McFlurries?

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Most bizarre dinner ever.
Steph, Parky and I were walking out to have dinner before Joe ran out and asked where we were going.
Eventually we invited him along. Oh my, oh my.
Chili Padi was crowded on the second floor as usual. I detest its poor sound insulation so we picked the open air area.
(open air = an isolated corner that's so dark that you can't actually see what you're eating. It was cold too)
To start with, the service was quite crap. The waiter didn't bring the water. We needed to wait so long to get any attention.
First picture of Steph clearly indicates that.
Joe's idea of solution: hold the menu high up and point at the item he wants until anyone takes notice.
Picture 2: no he's gotta be kidding.
Picture 3: he's not kidding.
Picture 4: Shit.
Picture 5: Joe before he got hit by a truck.
I ordered a mango orange juice. And it came in a bottle. After I finished half of the bottle Steph picked it up and pointed the expiry date to me: 17/11/2005. Fuck.
We also talked about how our table number, 84, looked like a woman sitting crossed leg when turned sideways.
Then Parky said: no she's not crossing her legs! SHE'S A SHE-MALE! She has that pointy bit sticking out.
The table behind us sort of looked back. There was a girl with really short hair and sorta looked masculine on that table.
And I couldn't stop laughing. If the girl were to think we were making fun of her and decided to sue us, it'd be fun explaining this to the court: 'Erm, you see. The defendants weren't talking about Ms. Butch here. They were having a discussion about the table number, which they thought looked like a pair of breasts and a penis. Thank you.'
My laughter didn't help making the table feel better.
Towards the end of the meal Joe insisted that he'll tell the waitress that I like to watch gay movies.
We stopped by McDonald's after dinner. I know. That's strange but we were really hungry. Yea.
Picture 6: I found out that my TV has a game function. It's an IQ game that you need to figure ways to push boxes into designated positions. What a good way to avoid commercials, or Hagrid.