Friday, December 02, 2005

Battle Royale II

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HANABISHI. 187 King Street 03-9670 1167.

Sorry for all the split personality review of Klang/Melbourne. I was too busy packing and shit that I didn't get to post these.
Some have said that Hanabishi is the best Jap restaurant in town yet some others might prefer Shoya.
But no one can deny the fact that these two restaurants are the top two in Melbourne, if not the CBD.
Hanabishi is more expensive than Shoya I must say.
I ordered the UnaJu and soft shell crab while Sher ordered the seafood trout Nabe(snicker). We shared the sushi entree.
While the unagi gets a H2A from me, the sushi and soft shell crab definitely achieved first class honours.
I tried a bit of the soup broth from the Nabe. The sweetness is just fine. And the pot looks great, don't you agree?
Yet after all that, I don't think they justify the steep prices. Expect to pay $30 for a dish, depending on the serving size.
I have to say Shoya has a better presentation. But then again, I'm always a sucker to pretty facades.
Hanabishi is more like a small little corner of authenticity while Shoya is an upmarket westernized space.
Anyway, they're both expensive. Give them a try if you must. Most of the customers there are Asians. Could be good or bad, depends on how you see it.
Oh, and the waitresses serve you wearing Kimonos. Not pretty though, don't get your hopes up. Haha.
The verdict? My inner child leans a bit towards Shoya.