Friday, December 02, 2005

Golden Mountain

Waking up at 7:30 in the morning, I realised I've got jetlag.
It's been raining everyday since I came back. But the rain doesn't bloody wash away the irritating haze.
I hate the construction in front of my house. Stupid buildings, stupid shoplots, stupid traffic. This is my hometown Godamnit.
Now we're turning into Subang, but not quite. It's more like the ugly sister of Subang, consisting shops that're called 'nyam nyam' or 'rainbow' or 'everyday' or 'eat and come'.
Who the FUCK in their right mind will name a restaurant EAT AND COME? That doesn't even sound like a restaurant.
And my mom came in and told me to get off my ass and buy breakfast because she's going line dancing soon.
L-i-n-e D-a-n-c-i-n-g.
I'm sure it's another Singaporean invention to occupy the minds of retired women, so that they could get together and win fights over their husbands and children.
'Remember, when he says it's your fault you have to shout out of your lungs: WHY CAN'T IT BE YOUR FAULT?'
'When he tried to use logic and reasoning, you have to say: I'M RETIRED! I'M DUMB! I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOUR LOGIC!'
'If everything else fails, just cry.'
Yea, that's my idea of line dancing. Women plotting plots to drive their families crazy while dancing. Just for the fun of it.
The dancing part is all a cover up. A smoke curtain.
Anyway, I drove to one of my favourite Fried Kuey Teow store. Thank heavens it's still there. It's been a year.
I walked in, the women looked at me, blinked, nodded.
Before I can say anything, she told me: Kuey Teow and Mee, small, chili, no clams with fried eggs on top, right?

Shit, after a year she still remembers me, and my usual order. I felt like home, in a 'at least something's still the same' kind of way.
While I was eating my KT, she came over with a small plate: Nah, here's an extra shrimp for you. And she left.
The shrimp was smaller than a baby's baby finger, but I guess that's her way of saying 'welcome back'.
On a rainy friday morning, I felt warm. No, I'm not touched; I was drinking Kopi. Uuurgh Kopi! So good!