Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's 2006. What you want a cookie?

Inside every silver lining there's always a dark cloud.

Yea, yea. Happy New Year, whatever. Pretend it's something special. I mean, it's not like we can stop 2006 from coming.
We just sit here and wait for an excuse to spend money and celebrate and get pissed. Just because time goes by.
Because the Earth revolves arond the Sun, yay.
It's 8:15am on the first day of 2006 and I'm having a hangover. Yea, yea. Call me a hypocrite. Go find a friend and whine like a baby. Ah wooghie whooghie woo.
To X in Singapore: Happy Fuck Off 2006 to you too. Well I hope you had fun banging your chick in the elevator while texting me with your other hand. Then again, being a Malaysian you might get arrested soon for not speaking Mandarin in a funny accent. You know, like that crap sitcom that's showing on Astro. Funny how everyone's watching it though.
I don't like the figure 2006. It's not as symmetrical as 2005. Because 5 is actually an upside down version of a 2 while 6 is an upside down version of a 9, which doesn't go well with 2.
And everyone should get naked some day. How's that for a new year resolution to everyone hey?
And the picture above? Doesn't mean a thing.
Ok, maybe that's how you feel in the toilet after you ate something really SPICY the night before. Ouch.