Sunday, December 04, 2005

National Treasure I

Train Station Fishball Noodles. (Under the bridge)

And so it began. My quest to blog about the best food in Klang, according to my taste. (if not yours meh?)

First of all, let me explain that I do not have the address of these shops. Simply because, I don't think it helps.
This noodle shop is owned my high school mate's family. If you think my opinion is biased then check this out: The shop opens at 11am, sold out at 2pm. And the father can afford to choose not to open shop if he doesn't feel like it. Also, if you go up to him and complain about waiting too long, he'll reply:
If you can't wait, don't eat.
So you see, they're pretty big shot. Although I know his son, I've only been to this shop twice in two year's time.
What's so good about their noodles?
For a start, they make their own fishballs. Or shall I say, they take pride in their fishballs. They're fresh and bouncy.
The noodles (which you can choose from kuey teow, mee or mee hoon) are pretty smooth, but I think that's all in debt to the soup base, which hold the secret: pork lard.
Yup, they put pork lard into the soup. You know, the crunchy cube thingy you find in Fried Kuey Teow? That's why the noodles appear smooth and rich.
The chicken? Well, not so nice. That I can do without.
They serve the most expensive fishball noodles in town because they serve the best fishball noodles in town. In Klang, RM4.50 for a large is pretty expensive ok.
I like it becuase they don't try to hard to be like 'Ipoh Sa Hor Fun'. They know they make great fishballs, and they stick to it. Respect.