Friday, December 09, 2005

National Treasure II


Ok. When it comes to BKT, I realised that there's no perfect BKT. Only the one that you're used to.
Some like it thick, some like it thin, some like it in claypot, some like it in bowl. Heck some even enjoy seafood BKT.
WTF I know, but you know la, personal preference.
Some people came all the way from Singapore/KL, eat one bite and say: yerr, ours are more authentic.
It's like an Angmo telling you: the dimsim's in our local Chinese takeaway restaurant is more authentic than your xiu mai's.
We can slice them up and feed their kidneys to our dogs, but it's true. It's all up to their own taste. Nothing we can do.
Yet for me, I'm kind of an old school person. (not really, because the actual old school BKT is in a small bowl)
Ok, so maybe a 'claypot' old school person.
Which means I like the mushrooms, the beancurd, the beancurd skin, and the cabbage, together with the meat.
The soup base is thick and rich. That's good enough for me. Got rice, got fried onions, got yao ja guai. What else can I ask for?
Oklah, maybe it's not THAT great. But I remember waiting for hours just to get a table during weekends.
Now I'm smart: don't eat during weekends loh.
Maybe it's that 'hard to get' feeling that makes me loyal to this place. But it's still good ok? Don't play play.