Thursday, December 29, 2005

National Treasure III


This is the most bestest Nasi Lemak in Klang.
It's sold in a coffee shop. It costs RM1.50 per packet. Normally it's sold out in the afternoon and you have to ask for it.
Ok, when I say Nasi Lemak, most of you'd probably imagine those big plate of coconut rice with fried chicken, some fancy papadams and thick slippery sambal you eat in a restaurant for lunch.
EERK! No. Nasi Lemak is traditionally a breakfast dish. It's often packed in newspapers or banana leaves. During the war it's sold early in the morning at roadside stalls so people can exchange informations while eating breakfast. Wait, that's the mooncake story. Sorry I screwed up. Ignore that bit.
Anyhow, the traditional classic Nasi Lemak is probably what you're seeing in the picture. No fried chicken, no juicy meat; just the rice, sambal, egg, ikan bilis (anchovies) and some shrimp.
This is the ultimate Nasi Lemak test. How do you present the best taste using the bare essential ingredients?
You want good fried chicken you go KFC lah! Timun kangkong go market can get fresh ones what, right?
The egg and shrimp I can frankly say don't matter. If you can fuck up hard boiled egg and shrimp you're pretty much in deep trouble.
The rice and ikan bilis are actually quite default: fragrance of the rice mixes well with the saltiness of the ikans. The ikan bilis however, is not hard and crunchy. I hate hard and crunchy ikan bilis that'd stab you in the gums. Ouch.
What matters most, is the sambal. It's not your thick red liquidy 'I can see onions in it' sambal. It's actually quite solid and dry, powderish even. It's a good thing because normally the watery ones will turn sour very fast. And once it's cold it tastes like diar, diher, diea aiya liquid shit.
Plus the taste is 'bursting'. It's the type of spice that'd burst on your tongue. Mix it up with the creamy rice and the ikans' saltiness.
I present you, the perfect Nasi Lemak.

Word of the day: Do you know that 'kangkung' is called 'water convolvulus' in English? Erm, I'll stick with kangkung, thanks. Do you know how I know you're gay? Because the other day you told the waiter: I want some stif friend water convolvulus.